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The Tragedy Of Hamlet, Prince Of Demnark

The story of a man grappling with his conscience for four Acts before dying in a flurry of murder in Act V.

Accessing The Play

Project Gutenburg has copies of the text in a plethora of formats and editions:
A modern edition. This version has consistent spelling but no empty lines between characters utterances. This will not be an issue.
An ASCII-fied version of the First Folio (1623). This version contains inconsistent spelling and letter substitutions as outlined in the introduction. I like this because I am very corny.
There will be some differences between the texts. You can choose the version you like best.

I suggest you read the play from a phone or some kind of tablet. For Android platforms I recommend AIReader. It's free and without ads. For iOS maybe iBooks is OK? In general you should steer clear of any app with an inbuilt store.


A meal will be served by the actors. The dialogue is provided by the play. The actors are the audience. The practice is the performance.

The goal is to 'have fun'. Role-playing and other acting is appropriate. A performer need not feel they have to 'stand and deliver' or otherwise proclaim their lines.

Characters & Players

Currently a work in progress here.

Acts & Scenes

Next scene: Act I, Scene I