South Australia and Northern Territory, November 2017

35mm film scanned at michael's in Melbourne. Can create prints 8"x10". Chronological order. Return drive from Melbourne to Alice Springs in seven days.

Port Augusta. From the waterside of the Australian Arid Botanical Gardens looking toward the hills. This is where the Outback starts. Plants around here are salt- and drought-tolerant. I saw kangaroos when I ran through here at sunset. About twenty minutes after I saw the kangaroos I got lost.

Coober Pedy. On the way North we stopped over here for a couple of hours of tourist stuff. We thought the Serbian Orthodox (Dugout) Catherdral was locked on this visit.

Uluru. Around midday. Drove around it.

Lizard framed in bottom-right

Ormiston. Water-hole in the West McDonnell ranges. Water can be seen behind the trees in bottom-right mid-ground. View from a short climb up the hillside. Got bitten by an ant. Got very sweaty. For scale look for the lookout atop the escarpment. The railing is about 1300mm high. Three people were fishing. Met some obnoxious crows.

View from campsite looking towards hills including Mt Sonder. Loud sound of frogs at night - thought they were cicaidas. Wind in the desert was strange. It would be still were we were but we could hear trees being buffeted elsewhere. When night fell the wind from the pictured direction was like hot surf. Many bugs. Saw a white praying mantis.

Lookout on Larrapinta trail towards Mt Sonder. About a thirty minute climb. Some of the rocks were like razorblades - like Gillette mach 30 zoomed in or something. Some talk of rocks on this trail shredding certain types of footwear. Saw a gecko and other lizards. Was not paying attention and left water in car. Got very thristy. Kate saved the day.

Redbank Gorge. From same access point as the lookout photos a walk down a dry riverbed. Water got colder as we went further into the gorge. Very slimy. When the water is higher you can go all the way through to ther other side where the gorge opens out again. Our path was blocked by a large rock and two spiders.

Coober Pedy. Stayed in dugout hotel on the way back South. Found this safe in some rubbish-strewn dugouts under the North side of the 'Big Winch' hill. Spooky.

Rest on South leg of trip. Can't remember name of the place. Those green pillboxes seem to be one-room accommodations.